Maura Cronin


Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to visit and move in the direction of self –empowerment and wellness. My name is Maura Cronin and I have been specializing in CranioSacral Therapy for 15 years. I first discovered it when I was working in a clinic for children with Down’s syndrome and Cerebral Palsy in Pasto, Colombia, S.A. as a licensed massage therapist.  A child with CP came in and seemed to be in an extreme state of ‘dis-ease’. I discovered that a gentle, compassionate touch focused on unwinding restrictive tissues of the brain and spinal cord gave her great relief.  Thereafter, I sought out what this technique was and, hence, discovered CranioSacral Therapy.  I am continually in awe as to the power of this therapy and the extent to which it can benefit my patients, from gestation to the elderly, with a wide variety of health concerns and even for those who just want to experience a feeling of greater relaxation and self-awareness.

“Wow” is often the response of the patient getting off of the table, as almost daily we do not recognize the extent of stressors we are bombarded by and the state that our nervous system is in, until we bring it back to it’s natural state of calmness with clear communication between all of the body systems.

I was born and lived in the D.C area for the first 10 years of my life and then moved to the North Shore, MA. I received my BA from the University of Vermont, majoring in Economics, studying the Arts and Spanish my junior year in Madrid, Spain.

After a year working in Corporate Bonds with a license to sell Securities, I chose to live in Argentina and traveled extensively throughout South America, working, improving my Spanish and learning that I was gifted with healing hands and a natural intuition to tune in to ailments. Herbs were part of the culture there and I had an innate inclination use them on my path of healing and as a Healer. To this day I gather herbs, make herbal medicine (salves tinctures, etc.) and am part of an Herbal Clinic offering nutritional education and Herbal support. I also apply M.A.T., meridian autonomic testing and applied kinesiology to discover what organ system is out of balance or would benefit from herbal or supplemental support. We use pulse, tongue and facial diagnosis, the basic Science of Ayruveda and a well-developed intuition.  As a Doula (labor support) I furthered my awareness as to the power of the body’s incredible wisdom and inclination toward wellness given the correct support and nurturing.

I continued to hone my skills as a Visionary CranioSacral practitioner with the Milne Institute as a student and an assistant teacher.  Pediatric and visceral manipulation, the Brain, and Neurodevelopment Movement were some of the main focuses of my studies.

Always an athlete striving to understand and challenge my own body I began to practice Yoga in 1993, receiving my teacher Training Certification in Neyar Dam, India in 2001 and have taught regular classes since then, continually remaining a humble student. I find that even if a Yoga Class is not going to work for you, a few specific postures customized to your particular challenge can greatly assist your healing and overall well-being.

Coaching seemed to be a natural part of educating patients and supporting them in their lifestyle choices so I trained with DREAMCOACH University in a system to help others find their purpose, make their dreams come true and make healthy choices for their body, mind and spirit.

I am excited to be a part of your wellness protocol and love to remind you of your own body’s innate wisdom — we simply have to support the structure, nutrition and thoughts surrounding and it will move toward wellness.

Peace and Wellness,
Maura Cronin, LMP — Where art and healing are woven together.