-Yoga, Health & Birth Classes

As part of our dedication to educating the community on creating better health, we are continuously offering a variety of yoga classes, meditation, nutrition, and other health related workshops. Please stay tuned for our upcoming classes!


In Due Time Childbirth Education Class

Bradley Method certified Childbirth Educator, Mandi Ledwith AAHCC, will be teaching Bradley Method Classes every Tuesday evening from 7:15 – 9:15pm.  For more information on the class and when each series begins, please click  HERE


Meridian Yoga with Maura

Meridian Yoga is designed to create balance amongst all 14 Merdians/Energy Pathways of the body. In this class, Maura will guide you through a set of yoga poses specific to both energize and calm the major organs and energy points to bring harmony, health and strength back to your system.
This class will be back soon!
$12 for all 8 classes in advance
$15 drop-in class

Call Maura at 978-525-3333 with any questions!

Past Events

Your Core and Pelvic Floor (What You Need to Know) Workshop

Lead by Postpartum Doula, Molly Lawney, in this interactive workshop you will:

– Learn and receive feedback on optimal postural alignment;
– Practice safe exercises to improve core and pelvic floor function;
– Discover what exercises are unsafe during the postpartum period (or for anyone suffering from pelvic floor or core dysfunction) and why.

Babies-in-arms welcome! Please wear comfortable clothing and BYO yoga mat (a few will be available to borrow); healthy snacks will be provided. This workshop is great for moms, no matter how far out you are from the postpartum period, as well as anyone experiencing pelvic/core dysfunction!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11th; 2-4pm;  $30

Uniting Mind & Body: 

Foundations of Yoga & Meditation
with Eric Brooks

Saturday, November 14th
2-4 pm
Investment: $25
In this special 2 hour workshop, participants will learn:
  • The basics of both Yoga Asana and mindfulness meditation
  • How to incorporate the principles of mindfulness in both yoga practice and daily life
  • Tools and techniques you can take with you to practice anywhere
  • A greater sense of feeling calmer, more clear, and a sense of balance
“The path to healing and wellness begins by re-establishing the natural harmony between body and mind. However, too often we find that the demands of life leave us feeling anxious and stressed. We are caught up with the perpetual thoughts that take away from our peace of mind.
By cultivating an inner awareness based in mindfulness (sati), we can begin to recognize the habits of mind and change these patterns for the better.  Yoga and Mediation are two profound paths, that when cultivated together, can re-establish the mind/body connection and lead to a greater sense of well-being.”


“Rooted in Renewal”

The best renewable source of energy is you.