Chiropractic Care

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Prior to arriving for your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding your contact information, health history, your health concerns, and how we can best serve you. When meeting with the doctor, she will engage in an open conversation with you about your history and health concerns, and then will provide a thorough chiropractic examination.  It is possible you may be referred out for x-rays or an MRI. If you have recent x-rays or MRIs (within the past two years), we ask that you please bring them in with you on your first visit.

After your exam, Dr. Courtney will briefly discuss some of her initial findings with you and whether or not she thinks she can help with your case, or if you should be referred out.  Assuming there are no complicating or contraindicated factors, generally you will be given a very gentle adjustment on that day.  In the event that it is discovered that further x-rays or testing should be done before the doctor treats you, you may be asked to return for your first adjustment.

On your second visit, Dr. Courtney will further explain to you why you may be currently struggling with this problem, how long will it take to resolve it, and what your pricing options and insurance coverage is for creating improved wellness for you.

You can expect to be with us on your first visit for 40 minutes to 60 minutes, and your second visit to be approximately 20 minutes.

All subsequent visits are generally 10-15 minutes long and include adjustments and some form of muscle therapy or cranial work, if necessary.

In efforts to support your journey to better health, Dr. Courtney is also happy to explore basic nutritional support needs at no extra cost during one of your follow up visits.