Courtney Neill, DC, CACCP

Courtney Neill, DC, CACCP, is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, and obtained her doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas, Texas. With over 250 post graduate study hours in pediatric and perinatal care, she has become Pediatric Certified by the Academy of Family Practice and International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, and is also one of few chiropractors in the North Shore area who is Webster Pregnancy Technique Certified. This technique has been known to aid in healthy spinal biomechanics and fetal position during pregnancy. She actively attends workshops and seminars on clinical nutrition, pediatric care, neurology, chiropractic philosophy, and Neuro-Emotional Technique, so that she can be up to date on getting you the most efficient care possible. Dr. Courtney enjoys working with people of all ages, to assist them on their journey towards better health and wellness.

“As a wife, a mother of two young boys, and business owner, I understand how even in the joys of life, it can sometimes be a challenge to find time to take care of your own health. That’s why I will do my very best to help encourage and challenge you to discover where your own health and happiness roadblocks are, and work with you to feel empowered and at your very best. I firmly believe that the most important thing in getting you to where you want to be health wise is helping you to understand how amazing the body is at healing itself when it’s free of interferences, or what us chiropractors refer to as subluxations. Not only will I detect and remove any subluxations from your body, but I will also teach you how you can correct them with exercise, nutrition, and healthy thought patterns. This is what makes your care here individualized and unique. I look forward to working with you!”