Who We Are

Meet Maura Cronin and Dr. Courtney Neill, the joint owners of Inner Source Wellness, and their team of healers.

When Maura and Dr. Courtney set out to create Inner Source Wellness, their vision wasn’t revolutionary. It was inspired by a traditional, ancient and somewhat of a lost experience for creating wellness.

Centuries ago, people sought care from individuals in a community gifted to align the energy systems through the anatomical structure, chakras and meridians to keep the body and mind alive and healthy.

Today, we are more likely to be told we can have better health if we take a drug or receive a surgical procedure. While in emergency or temporary crises, these methods provide relief and save lives. We understand that the body was designed to heal itself and is not experiencing disease because of a lack of medicine. What is the root cause of the body’s dis-ease, pain, and imbalance?

Through extensive training and acquired skills for treatment, Inner Source Wellness practitioners remove interference and resistance to the “Inner Source” within the body, its life force and energy.

We seek to help those wishing to connect to and express a healthier and higher version of themselves.

Maura Cronin, LMT

Craniosacral Therapist
Co-Owner of Inner Source Wellness

Dr. Courtney Neill

Co-Owner of Inner Source Wellness

Mary Donovan

Fascial Stretching

Kristen Morrell, RD, LDN

Holistic Nutrition Counselor

Joanne Sheridan, LMT

Massage Therapist